The AHF Difference

Fill To Fit Your Life.

  • Fill Faster.
  • Automatically refill your meds whenever you need them.
  • Fill Smarter.
  • Our app has everything you need in the palm of your hand.
  • Fill Heard.
  • When you call, you'll speak to a live person at any time, any day.
  • Fill Connected.
  • When you fill with AHF you help your community.
  • Fill Better with AHF Pharmacy.

We are honored that you have chosen AHF Pharmacy and our Specialty Trained staff to be one of your partners in the management of your healthcare needs.

We are a not-for-profit healthcare provider and 96 cents of our earnings go back into providing services to our patients and the communities we serve.


AHF Pharmacy Services

Personalized Care

We provide specific, personalized services in partnership with you, your provider and others that may be involved in your care. Our services are customized to all your pharmaceutical needs and be convenient for your living conditions and life style.

We Listen To You

Our 24/7 Customer Care Line is staffed by seasoned AHF Pharmacy Employees that can assist you with resolving questions regarding your medication or unresolved grievance issues that you may have.

Service to Meet Your Needs

We tailor delivery or pick-up based on your requirements. Our dedicated team will ensure the delivery of your routine monthly medications.

Medication Adherence Support

We provide special packaging and systems to help you remember which medication to take and what time of day to take it.

Packaging for visually impaired patients

Visual impairment assistance devices for prescriptions are available.

We're Here For You

We are available 24 hours every day of the year.

AHF Pharmacy Staff

Service Without Discrimination

Services are provided without discrimination based upon race, cultural background, age, nationality, gender, or insurance coverage.

Service to All 50 States

Our pharmacies can provide services to all 50 states and have no geographical restrictions based on location within any state or city of the United States. We are currently expanding into Puerto Rico with an AHF clinic and pharmacy as well.

No Outsourced Services

All services are provided by staff employed by AHF. None of the services we provide are “outsourced” including after hours calls, computer services, clinical and dispensing services, to name a few.

Cultural Awareness

Our staff members have experience with various cultural aspects of care.

Bi-Lingual Support

Many of AHF Pharmacy team members are bi-lingual. In addition we provide a “Language Line” service for over 100 languages.

Expertly Trained

Our Pharmacy staff includes Pharmacist, Technicians and Nurses that are specialty trained, with oversight and consultation from the AHF Chief of Medicine and AHF provider staff. All are specialty trained and have National Certifications in their specialty area of expertise. This ensures that the health information that we obtain to help you with your condition is a collaboration between your healthcare provider and the multi-disciplinary team at AHF. We are constantly reviewing current healthcare information regarding common conditions, diagnoses, treatment and interventions and is “Evidence-Based”.


  • We are accredited by ACHC as a Specialty Pharmacy Services and Infectious Disease Specific to HIV.
  • Our pharmacists are certified by the American Academy of HIV Medicine and have track record of excellence in HIV care.
  • National Accreditation is pending with one additional organization, URAC for Specialty Pharmacy Services Accreditation.
ACHC Distinction in HIV Seal.png
ACHC Gold Seal of Accreditation-CMYK.PNG

We are all also accredited by ACHC as a DMEPOS provider to dispense diabetic supplies and nebulizers (Medicare B).

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